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I grew up in Southern Mexico in a very tropical  and lush place called Tabasco - yep, like Tabasco sauce. From an early age I found I really enjoyed learning English, I loved Spanish grammar too and I have since then been working hard at improving my second language, I am still in the process that never ceases to amaze me, I think that all those many many hours of learning, then English grammar, (without knowing it) developed into the joy to teach Spanish! A language that obviously I speak from just having been born in Mexico but that to teach you have to learn about HOW to TEACH it! I've been very lucky to have awesome teachers and great colleagues along the way. 


I studied to be an Accountant and got my Degree but was never cut out to be an Accountant. I studied French and I am still  currently taking classes. I always loved learning and teaching languages.

Hobbies: Exercising ( I try!), cooking Mexican, Italian and everything flavourful, I make my mom's seafood soup, my aunt Carmelita's Rajas con Crema, mmmhh, Tamales en Salsa verde, Tacos al Pastor from my Aunties Ene and Zaida; reading, I love Gabriel García Márquez ( Love in the Time of Cholera, 100 Years of Solitude), Angeles Mastretta, Isabel Allende, among others: I  enjoy different styles of music and I encourage my students to find a genre they enjoy and try to pick a song in Spanish and a show on Netflix en español.



English teacher for people that speak Spanish 

Spanish  teacher for those who speak English


I have lived back and forth in Mexico, the USA and Canada at different points of my life.


Passionate About Inspiring Others

I am very passionate about teaching those who show an interest in the language. I am always looking forward to seeing my students and keeping up with their progress. In our first class I assess how comfortable the students are with how  little, or much knowledge they have of Spanish, the reason they are learning and from there on we custom tailor the lessons and go on.

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