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Bésame Mucho 💋 🎶

¡Feliz día del Amor y la Amistad!

Este 14 de febrero quiero compartir contigo un poquito sobre el origen de esta famosísima canción. Primero, sabes que 'bésame mucho' en inglés quiere decir "kiss me a lot"?

For those that have been studying Spanish with me, remember how we built the imperative? We take the verb besar, conjugate in the present tense 3rd person singular, besa, then add 'me', so we have bésame! Very easy, right?, muy fácil, no? ( beh-sah-meh ).

Bésame mucho was written by Consuelo Velazquez (1916 - 2005 ). Ella nació en Jalisco, México and at a very young age she learned to play the piano. By 6 she gave her first piano recital. Later she moved to Mexico City to study at the Bellas Artes Academy and in her teenage years she wrote Bésame Mucho. By 22 she became a concert pianist and a teacher. She played the song at a radio station and people started asking her who was the composer of such a wonderful bolero song and she said it was a friend since that was the popular genre at the moment and it would not look good that a young lady and also concert pianist could be creating something like that, so beneath what they would expect from somebody like her. She could not keep lying forever though so one day she confessed that it was her, she was the composer. She admitted eventually that she had not even been kissed before she wrote it!

The song became a huge hit in Mexico and in the United States. The Second World War was happening and the song became the favourite of the Big Bands and started being sung by many famous artists like Nat King Cole, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra and many more. It was kind of the Love Anthem that traveled the world at that time. It has been sung in many different languages but the title always remained the same.

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