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¡Viva México! Día de la Independencia

Long live Mexico! Viva México! That is what you'll hear during the month of September when the whole country celebrates this important event of its history. Independence from Spain started with the call to arms from Miguel Hidalgo and the process lasted 10 years. Mexico had been conquered from in 1519 by the conquistador Hernan Cortes. The Aztecs got defeated and as you can imagine life was not easy and fair for all the indigenous people after that. To celebrate, we gather with our family and friends, share pozole, pancita, enchiladas y tamales, among other delicious dishes. Tequila is the perfect drink for this day, por supuesto, of course! If you ever have the opportunity to go to México City, take a tour to the Castillo de Chapultepec, ChapultepecCastle where you can admire some beautiful murals that depict life before and after the independence. The night of September the 15th, people gather in the main Zócalo (the town square) where all sorts of concerts take place and close to midnight the President of México re-enacts the famous shout of Viva México! and pays tribute to many of the heroes that made our independence possible. Salud, amigos!

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