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¡Hola! I'm Nelly.

I love teaching Spanish because it is incredibly rewarding to help enthusiastic language learners.


Sharing my culture and mother language is my calling and my passion. How can I help you learn or improve your Spanish?

Why Choose Hola Nelly?

If you're searching for a language tutor who can give you the personalized attention you deserve, look no further! I can help unlock your full language-learning potential through one-on-one or group classes.

Whether making small talk, impressing yourself and your friends on your next trip abroad, or ordering your favourite tacos, tamales or quesadillas in Spanish, I'm here to help!

Spanish Classes

In addition to the classes below, I can customize anything for you, just ask! All classes are conducted online through Zoom.

Trees in Tabasco, Mexico under a clear blue sky.

About Me

My name is Nelly, and I'm a native of Tabasco, México! I have been a certified instructor at the Spanish Centre in Toronto and was a part of the Duolingo Spanish Host Community in 2022, where I taught hundreds of students worldwide.


NC, Art Connoisseur

Nelly makes learning Spanish rewarding, easy, and thoroughly enjoyable.


Without question, her teaching style has helped me to learn and use the language, both written and spoken, more quickly than anticipated.  Her encouragement builds my confidence, and she continually adapts the lessons to accommodate my progress. 


I particularly appreciate that she provides a framework to learn the language in a way that is relevant to everyday life by incorporating references to a wide array of topics, such as food, travel, current events, history, literature, music and film, in addition to sharing her vast knowledge about Mexican and Spanish culture in general.

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