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¡Un taco y una cerveza, por favor!

If you understood the title of this piece, think of yourself as somebody that already manages those magic words when ordering food and drinks at a restaurant or taco stand AND you are ahead of the game in the way to communicate in Spanish! But if you would like to polish things and speak with confidence you should treat yourself and take at least a tailored package of classes where you will learn to order like the native Spanish speaking people do: "Buenos días, jóven (or señorita) me gustaría ordenar tacos y una cerveza, por favor; which would be, good morning young man/girl, I'd like to order some tacos an a beer, please. Easy, right?

Today I walked around Kensington Market in Toronto, a great place to buy all the ingredients to prepare my favourite Mexican dishes and where you can also buy some street food like churros, tacos, tortas, pupusas, you name it! At Perola's, they were preparing the delicious Mexican style corn on the cob, at Emporium Latino, the pupusas were just being cooked in front of my eyes; for churros, just look across these two stores and you'll see the line for fresh churros at Pancho's. If you keep walking south on Augusta St, passing Baldwin Street you'll find on the East side, my favourite Taquería, Gus. Their tacos al pastor are the best I have found. Before they opened this place I had to learn to make my own al pastor pork meat but I am delighted we finally have these tacos the way they prepare them in Mexico. Don't forget to ask to have them finished "a la plancha" so you can have a more sizzling and charred meat. And, of course, the green salsa, onion, cilantro and pineapple are a must.

As you can see, I think a lot about food, I can't stop, and I want to tell everybody about all these delicious things!

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